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National Bird

The Raven (Corvus Corax Tibetanus) is the Bhutan’s national bird. It represents one of the most powerful deities of the country, Jarog Dongchen. Raven is thus known in the local language as ‘Jarog’. The Royal Raven Crown or Druk Gyalpo represents Bhutan’s reverence for these birds and the faith of Bhutanese in their protective deity. Jarog Dongchen along with Yeshey Gonpo (Mahakala) and Palden Lhamo (Mahakali) form the Divine Trinity, who protects the King and the people of Bhutan from harm and safeguard their well being. At one time, it was a capital crime to kill a Raven in Bhutan. One can still see ravens nesting in monasteries and dzongs throughout Bhutan.

The biological name of Raven is Corvus Corax Tibetanus and is quite similar to the Crow or Corvus Macrorhynchos that is also common in Bhutan. The crow however has larger bill but overall, raven is much larger than a crow and is about 28 inches long. Raven’s tail looks like a wedge, its upper peak has bristles and there are prominent hackles on its throat. Hackles are long, shiny and pointed feather that can be found on raven’s throat and best. Both male and female ravens look alike and are jet blue-black in color. They are commonly found in upland habitation and in alpine and trans-Himalayan regions. During winters, they migrate to lower lands standing at 2300 m. They reside in high altitudes of Tibet, Sikkim, Ladakh and Bhutan.